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Return Policy

● Returns are limited to unopened items.

Please return the goods within 7 days of receipt of the goods by E-MAIL or written notice to the seller, if more than 7 days can not be accepted.

According to the Consumer Protection Law, this shop offers all consumers the right to hedging for seven days after receiving the goods. Within seven days after you receive the goods, if you do not want to buy the goods received, please return the goods and send them in writing or E- Mail notify the store, this store will immediately handle the return for you, and please pay attention to the following matters:

Once you receive the goods in "I", please confirm the goods you ordered as soon as possible. If there are any non-human factors, the goods are damaged, scratched, or the packaging is broken due to the incompleteness of the shipping process:

    1. If the product is defective due to the shipping process, please respond directly to the delivery staff and be sure to ask for a photo to protect your rights.

    2. Please contact our customer service personnel immediately. We will conduct product defect or damage appraisal and replace the new product as soon as possible. If there is no immediate response within 7 days, we will not accept replacement. The

    3. Web products will use different brands of screens and different resolutions, resulting in slightly different image colors. Please take the actual product colors as the standard.

    4. Due to non-compliance of dimensions, we do not accept returns but allow consumers to change the size of products of the same color. (Restrict consumers to change once, and consumers will pay the return postage on their own.)

     5. Customized products will not be returned.

     6. Pre-order products will not be accepted for return, but due to the size does not meet the size of the product can allow consumers to replace the same color models. (Restrict consumers to change once, and consumers will pay the return postage on their own.)

"2" If you need to return, please E-mail or call to the shop, and provide the following information:

    1. Order number:

    2. Name of the purchaser:

    3. Subscriber's contact number:

    4. Ordering person E-mail:

    5. Delivery address:

    5. Reasons for withdrawal and replacement (not required)

    6. Retrieval of collection and retrieving materials by returning and repurchasing goods manufacturers: (If the same with the orderer, please fill in the blank)

        Pickup contact:

        Pick up phone:

        Pickup address:


When you want to retreat or exchange goods in "Three", according to the provisions of the civil law, you and the shop should each take a negative transaction to rescind the original status, therefore:

    1. After the goods are unpacked, they will not accept returns unless the quality is abnormal.

    2. Please return the package to complete (including the purchase of goods, accessories, internal and external packaging, gifts, etc.) Please send back together, if the lack of items or food deterioration will affect the return authority.

    3. Please maintain the brand-new status of your product and make sure that the main product and product labels are returned together with the original packaging so that the store can handle refunds for you. The

    4. If the product malfunctions, damages, abrasions, abrasions, scratches, stains, or broken packaging caused by improper use, disassembling, etc., result in incomplete return of the product to the shop, the shop will send you The cost of recovering the reconstituted condition is appropriate, or the price of the product is requested in proportion to the preservation of the product.